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Share what you know about your special person.


You choose one of the themed gift packages we create and curate from your shared facts.


Your curated package is delivered and all joy breaks loose.

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We'll help you choose thoughtful gifts.

Our Gifts Tell Stories Take a look at some of our thoughtful gift packages. After filling out our questionnaire we are able to present custom themed packages that are truly great.

Save the bees

Charlotte wanted to get something a bit different for her hippy mum, Karen. After completing our questionnaire we gave Charlotte three unqiue environmentally themed packages to choose from. She was immediatley drawn to our bee themed option knowing her mum would love it.

Karen's Reaction

The bee gift is memorable because it's themed, it's a collection of things, if somebody asked me what I got for my 50th, it would be the thing I'd remember, because it's unusual, it sticks in your mind.

Breaking Bad Fandom

Sam’s parents wanted to get him something special for his birthday, so they completed our questionnaire. We discovered that he is a massive Breaking Bad fan, so we brought together a number of gifts around this theme.

Sam's Reaction

I was really impressed with it, I really liked the story behind it, explaining why things had been bought. You could tell a lot of thought has gone into it. With my Breaking Bad gift you could see that it all related to a theme, you could see how things related to certain scenes. I smiled at each present thinking, 'Oh, that's smart, or wow, that's brilliant!